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  • Russ Green
    commented 2019-10-16 13:27:40 -0700
    I bitterly resent the tax grab on people who do not live in Maricopa County full time. We do not use the County’s services year round, yet you charge us more taxes than full time residents simply because Florida came up with this stupid idea, so you decided to follow suit because you knew you could get away with it.

    It’s is immoral and unjust and should be beneath the dignity of a gov’t. for the people!

    Russ Green
  • Debbie Gibson
    commented 2018-08-21 09:29:29 -0700
    How do you feel about fracking in AZ?
  • Anna Dolak
    followed this page 2018-08-01 14:39:50 -0700