Democrats, Republicans debate state budget in light of COVID-19

Questions of the virility of the virus aside, House Minority Leader Charlene Fernandez blasted Republican leadership for wanting to simply adopt a baseline budget and go home. She said lawmakers have an obligation to deal with the real effects of the outbreak -- and the fallout from shuttered businesses, reduced tourism and general weakening of the economy.

For example, she noted that the Republican-controlled Legislature added a requirement several years ago that adults receiving food stamps must go out and look for work and take any available job.

Fernandez said there are no jobs available.

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'Skinny' budget with coronavirus aid passes after weekend delay

“Our votes for the budget, well, they’re here today,” Minority Leader Charlene Fernandez, D-Yuma, said while voting yes on the budget, alluding to party-line votes on budget measures last week after Republicans rejected numerous Democratic amendments, most of which were aimed at addressing COVID-19. 

Last week, Democratic members attempted to add amendments to the budget bills to include spending for coronavirus relief, but Republicans blocked them all. At the start of Monday’s session, House Democrats began to do the same. 

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Tensions emerge as a top Arizona official discusses tribes’ unresolved water claims

Fernandez said she has wanted Native American leaders to have an opportunity “to engage with this council and a discussion of the state’s policies towards tribal water settlements.”

“I see several tribal leaders in the room with us, and they all traveled very far to be here today,” Fernandez said.

She pointed out leaders in the audience from the Navajo Nation, the Pascua Yaqui Tribe, the Tonto Apache Tribe, and the Yavapai-Apache Nation, all of which have unresolved water claims. Fernandez said she had the impression they would be able to speak.

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Corrections Papago Unit, west of Douglas, to reopen for women

Now, with the boost in incarcerated women, Shinn wants to reopen it. He figures the minimum security facility has the capacity for 250 permanent beds and 90 temporary beds.

The underlying cause -- more women being locked up -- left House Minority Leader Charlene Fernandez with questions. The Yuma Democrat said lawmakers have been told by corrections officials that overall prison population is leveling off.

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House Democratic leadership calls for Lewis Prison whistleblower investigation

The letter, authored by Leader Charlene Fernandez, D-Yuma, and Reps. Randall Friese D-Tucson, Reginald Bolding, D-Laveen, and Athena Salman, D-Tempe, states that party leaders were optimistic that a sea change would come after the retirement of former director Charles Ryan, who helmed DOC for 10 years, but stepped down in August following growing criticism and media reports that he was aware of the extent of the dysfunction in Lewis Prison. However, the letter says that optimism was “premature.”

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Charlene Fernandez is Awarded as Arts Champion

The Yuma Art Center also celebrated Arizona State Representative Charlene Fernandez as a Legislative Arts Champion. “We have the arts in Arizona because of people who fight the good fight for them in our capitol,” Executive Director of Arizona Citizens for the Arts Joseph Benesh said.

Fernandez received the Legislative Arts Champion Award – the first of its kind to be presented at a Tribute of the Muses ceremony.

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Fernandez calls for special session on gun safety

With two mass shootings fresh on people's minds the top state House Democrat wants a special session to debate -- and presumably enact -- a series of gun control measures.

Minority Leader Charlene Fernandez, D-Yuma, is pulling out all of the proposals that the Republican-controlled Legislature refused to debate, much less consider, in the past five years. These range from universal background checks and bans on military-style assault rifles to limits on high-capacity magazines and making it a crime for adults to leave weapons where children can get them.

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Fernandez and Colleagues Hold Town Hall in San Luis

Residents asked state Senator Lisa Otondo and Representatives Charlene Fernandez and Dr. Gerae Peten about immigration, the Port of Entry and more funding for San Luis schools, including the need for a second high school due to overcrowding.

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