Arizona Democrats call for diversity in law enforcement leadership

“If we are truly dedicated to ensuring diversity within our police force, we must start with ensuring diversity amongst the leadership of the very entity tasked with overseeing the training of law enforcement officers,” Arizona House Democratic leader Charlene Fernandez said in the letter.

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Fernandez and candidates talk priorities

In state District 4, which includes Buckeye and Goodyear, incumbents Geraldine “Gerae” Peten and Charlene Fernandez were the only two Democrats to file for the two House of Representatives seats.

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Fernandez Fights for Yuma COVID-19 Testing and Resources

Fernandez challenges Ducey for fair share of CARES Act funding for Yuma

Representative Charlene Fernandez, Senator Lisa Otondo, and House Representative Geraldine Peten all signed a letter last week voicing their concerns with Governor Ducey shortchanging smaller cities.

"I think we're getting hit harder because we don't have the resources." says Rep. Fernandez, "If anything we need more money in the outlining areas and smaller cities."

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“Mask Up Yuma!”

Arizona State Representative Charlene Fernandez is trying to push for the community to mask up with a new initiative, women for masks.

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Democrats, Republicans debate state budget in light of COVID-19

Questions of the virility of the virus aside, House Minority Leader Charlene Fernandez blasted Republican leadership for wanting to simply adopt a baseline budget and go home. She said lawmakers have an obligation to deal with the real effects of the outbreak -- and the fallout from shuttered businesses, reduced tourism and general weakening of the economy.

For example, she noted that the Republican-controlled Legislature added a requirement several years ago that adults receiving food stamps must go out and look for work and take any available job.

Fernandez said there are no jobs available.

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'Skinny' budget with coronavirus aid passes after weekend delay

“Our votes for the budget, well, they’re here today,” Minority Leader Charlene Fernandez, D-Yuma, said while voting yes on the budget, alluding to party-line votes on budget measures last week after Republicans rejected numerous Democratic amendments, most of which were aimed at addressing COVID-19. 

Last week, Democratic members attempted to add amendments to the budget bills to include spending for coronavirus relief, but Republicans blocked them all. At the start of Monday’s session, House Democrats began to do the same. 

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Tensions emerge as a top Arizona official discusses tribes’ unresolved water claims

Fernandez said she has wanted Native American leaders to have an opportunity “to engage with this council and a discussion of the state’s policies towards tribal water settlements.”

“I see several tribal leaders in the room with us, and they all traveled very far to be here today,” Fernandez said.

She pointed out leaders in the audience from the Navajo Nation, the Pascua Yaqui Tribe, the Tonto Apache Tribe, and the Yavapai-Apache Nation, all of which have unresolved water claims. Fernandez said she had the impression they would be able to speak.

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