Arizona students, Democratic lawmakers push for gun safety

State Rep. Charlene Fernandez, whose the House Minority Whip, said she and other Democrats have been pushing for the four stalled bills but have been “met with resistance day after day” by the Republican-led legislature.

Fernandez said she encourages Arizona residents to call their elected lawmakers and tell them to act on these stalled bills.

She added public schools should be a “safe zone” for children and noted her grandchildren attend public schools.

“I want to know every day that they are safe,” Fernandez said.

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Arizona Capitol Times: Reagan to Blame

Sec of State Michele Reagan

Representatives of IBM say Michele Reagan is off the mark in blaming the tech giant for a high-profile blunder in which the office failed to send 200,000 publicity pamphlets for the May 17 special election, and that the secretary of state instead is to blame.


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Predatory Lending

The Arizona legislature wants to legalize predator lending, please watch this video to learn why this is unfair. 

Ducey Changes Mind on JTED

Goveror Ducey did an about-face on decimating our state's JTED funding. Our caucus and some reasonable Republicans got together and forced his hand. We are proud of our victory but stand to be prouder of all the young men and women who will learn skills that the Governor tried to take away. 


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Budget Town Hall Meeting in Yuma

Charlene Fernandez on Appropriations

After banning public testimony during departmental budget hearings, the House Appropriations Committee has decided to do town hall meetings in individual cities to provide information and hear public input. It is vital to attend these hearings and let Arizona legislatures know NO MORE PRISON BEDS IN ARIZONA! REFORM IS THE KEY!

On Saturday March 19 at 10:00 AM.

Yuma City Hall - One City Plaza, Yuma, AZ 85364

To RSVP visit:


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Charter Schools Admin Cost

Republicans are quick to demonize the "non-classroom" spending in Arizona public schools. This study shows demonstrates what some of us in education have known for sometime, many charter schools spend even more in administrative costs. The idea that these charters are so much more efficient than public schools seems murky. 

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I'm with Her!

Charlene supports Hillary

I am proud to announce my support for Hillary Clinton, our country's next leader. Please visit our Hillary page for more information. 

State Republicans Threaten Cities

Arizona State Legislature

AZ Legislature would limit city efforts on sick pay

By Howard Fischer Capitol Media Services

PHOENIX — State lawmakers are moving to undermine the ability of cities to require employers to provide things like sick leave to local workers.

And they’re doing it in a back-door way.

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