'Arizona will pay the price' for Trump Tariffs, says Dem Leader Fernandez

PHOENIX, Ariz. - The House Democratic Leader Charlene Fernandez released the following statement regarding President Trump's announcement that he will impose a 5-percent tariff on all goods entering the United States from Mexico. 

"The economies of Arizona and Mexico, particularly our border state of Sonora, are completely intertwined. Trade with Mexico supports more than 100,000 jobs here, many of those in Yuma and the communities I serve. If President Trump arbitrarily imposes tariffs on our largest trading partner, Arizonans will the ones to pay the price with higher costs for goods and lost jobs as he torpedoes our economy. And for what? It appears Trump just wants to change the subject from his potential impeachment to a manufactured humanitarian crisis at the border. For Governor Ducey to side with an increasingly reckless president rather than defend the economic interests of his own state and hardworking Arizonans is extremely disappointing."

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