“Mask Up Yuma!”

Arizona State Representative Charlene Fernandez is trying to push for the community to mask up with a new initiative, women for masks.

YUMA, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY) 6/15/20

Last week Senator Otondo posted on her Facebook page a video where over 100 women around Yuma County showed off their masks.

The number of coronavirus cases in Arizona continues to rise, as the past few weeks the positive cases have skyrocketed.

Representative Fernandez says she is very concerned about Yuma's number of positive COVID-19 cases and strongly believes wearing a mask would make a huge difference in flattening the curb.

The Arizona Democratic House of Representatives Caucus recently did a campaign about wearing a mask where they all took pictures with their masks on.

After Representative Fernandez says they received a good response from the campaign she wanted to take it a step further. She then contacted her seatmate Senator Otondo where they came up with the idea to focus on women for masks.

The new initiative received a response from over 100 women who all sent in their photos of themselves in masks.

Rep. Fernandez says she doesn't plan to stop there and she wants everyone in the community to take the virus seriously and mask up.

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