GOP-led Arizona Legislature OK’s Massive Tax Cut for top 1% and Include Dead Policy

Democrats were enraged, saying they did not show up Tuesday because Republicans had introduced a slew of last-minute budget amendments, and noted that it was absent Republicans who prevented a quorum.

Rep. Charlene Fernandez of Yuma called the limits “absolutely ridiculous” and said Republicans wasted 26 days of the session getting their own members on board with the budget deal.

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Yuma senior travels 400 miles for a chance to get a COVID-19 vaccine

“We’ve only had 7,400 doses sent to Yuma county. We’re not meeting the needs. We have a large elderly population, they qualify because they’re over 65, 75, 85, yet they’re not getting the vaccine that they need,” stated Charlene Fernandez, Arizona State Representative.

“Senator Otondo and I sent a letter, we just did it Friday night, to the Biden administration. We sent it to the new Health and Human Service cabinet secretary yet to be confirmed asking him to put us as a priority as soon as he’s inaugurated, and he’s confirmed.”

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Fernandez to Fight to Protect Education Funding

Rep. Fernandez says she’s going to work on protecting proposition 208.

“Now, always always always in the forefront is public education so that's a given. I will do everything I can working with my colleagues the other 28 of them to protect prop 208 to make sure that it's not dismantled in any way. The voters spoke, they want 208 to be implemented and I want to make sure that we see that through,” Rep. Fernandez explained.

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Arizona Democrats call for diversity in law enforcement leadership

“If we are truly dedicated to ensuring diversity within our police force, we must start with ensuring diversity amongst the leadership of the very entity tasked with overseeing the training of law enforcement officers,” Arizona House Democratic leader Charlene Fernandez said in the letter.

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Fernandez and candidates talk priorities

In state District 4, which includes Buckeye and Goodyear, incumbents Geraldine “Gerae” Peten and Charlene Fernandez were the only two Democrats to file for the two House of Representatives seats.

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Fernandez Fights for Yuma COVID-19 Testing and Resources

Fernandez challenges Ducey for fair share of CARES Act funding for Yuma

Representative Charlene Fernandez, Senator Lisa Otondo, and House Representative Geraldine Peten all signed a letter last week voicing their concerns with Governor Ducey shortchanging smaller cities.

"I think we're getting hit harder because we don't have the resources." says Rep. Fernandez, "If anything we need more money in the outlining areas and smaller cities."

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“Mask Up Yuma!”

Arizona State Representative Charlene Fernandez is trying to push for the community to mask up with a new initiative, women for masks.

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