Charlene believes that every child deserves to have access to a quality education to include good teachers, manageable classroom sizes and support from administrators and communities. She will pursue full funding for public education in the legislature and will work within our communities to empower families to work with policy makers to make education a priority. Charlene is a strong supporter of the #RedforEd and Save Our Schools movements.


Charlene believes that economic development is necessary to for the creation of jobs which provide families with living wages and that our public colleges and universities must remain affordable in order to create the workforce necessary to attract business interests across our state. It is unacceptable to consistently have extremely high levels of unemployment in our rural counties and not have our legislators addressing this issue.

Charlene has and will continue to work to develop apprentice and other skills training programs, particularly in high unemployment areas of the state.  She also prioritizes public infrastructure projects to put our people to work.


Charlene believes that every resident of our state should have access to quality and affordable health care and mental health services. Our families should not have to choose between health care, food and shelter. She will work to curtail the costs by expanding access and creating competition in health care delivery.


Charlene will make every effort to protect agriculture’s water rights. She believes that legislators in Arizona should be knowledgeable of the history of water rights and should be prepared to fight to protect the rights of farmers and be advocates for Arizona’s agriculture industry. As your legislator, Charlene led the Democratic Caucus to the bipartisan Drought Contingency Plan ensuring water security for Arizona.

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