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Charlene Fernandez was first elected to the state House in 2014 and represents Southwestern Arizona, specifically, the majority of Yuma County, western Pima County, southwestern Maricopa County and southwestern Pinal County. 


Fernandez worked for Congressman Ed Pastor for twelve years, coordinating constituent services for the western portion of then Congressional District 2. While working for Congressman Pastor, Charlene spearheaded an effort that culminated in bringing a Veteran's Administration clinic to Yuma County for the first time in history; previously the Phoenix Veterans facility was the closest place for them to receive these services.

Charlene later served Governor Janet Napolitano as a liaison for the Arizona Department of Environment Quality in Yuma County. In this capacity she worked with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, as well as its counterpart in the Republic of Mexico, to ensure that the air and water in Southwestern Arizona remained safe while ensuring that businesses faced minimal impact.

Political career

Yuma Union High School Board

Fernandez was elected to the Yuma Union High School District Governing Board in 2005 through 2012, serving as both President and Vice President.

Vice Chair of the Arizona Democratic Party

In 2008, Fernandez was elected by the Arizona Democratic State Committee to be First Vice Chair of the Arizona Democratic Party, she served in this capacity until 2009. 

Arizona Legislative Career

Arizona House Democratic Leader

Fernandez was elected Democratic Leader on November 8, 2018 after serving as Whip for two prior sessions. The Arizona House Democrats defeated four Republican incumbents to bring the chamber to a 31-29 Republican majority, the smallest it's been since the 1960s. After the 2020 election she passed this role to another member of the Democratic Caucus.

Committee appointments

Currently, Fernandez serves on the Committee on Appropriations that oversees the state's budget and spending priorities. She's also previously served on:

  • Appropriations Subcommittee on Public Safety, Infrastructure, and Resources
  • Committee on Commerce
  • Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure


Fernandez has been very supportive of the #RedforEd movement, advocating for better teacher pay and resources for students. Speaking to reporters she called public education, "The great equalizer."

Fernandez has worked with Save Our Schools Arizona, a grassroots organization collecting signatures to refer SB1431, the ESA voucher expansion bill, to the 2018 Arizona ballot, encouraging a "No" vote. The repeal was resoundingly successful with favor from about two-thirds of Arizonans.

In 2016, Fernandez was named Legislator of Year by the Arizona Parent Teacher Association.

The Arizona Republic published a guest editorial by Fernandez in September 2015 entitled, "How I'd reform private school tax credits." In it Fernandez details her views about Arizona education funding in general and private school tuition tax credits in particular.

Gun laws

Fernandez has been a supporter of gun safety measures, calling for a special session in the summer of 2019 to immediately stop the threat of mass shootings and violence. She has been criticized for recognizing students visiting the capitol advocating for such measures. 

Sexual harassment reporting

Fernandez fought her Republican colleagues who sought to limit the ability of sexual harassment and assault victims to report. Stating that, "We're blaming people." 


Fernandez has been an outspoken advocate of LGBTQ equality in the workplace, in housing, and more. She helped form the Arizona State Legislature's LGBTQ Caucus. 

Minimum wage

Fernandez was a supporter of the successful Proposition 206 which raised Arizona's minimum wage and is credited for propelling workers' wage growth and the economy through consumer spending.


Recognizing the impact of climate change on her district and the state of Arizona, Charlene Fernandez supports measures that encourage a shift towards renewable energy. She also understands the unique geographic and ecological richness Arizona has and is committed to ensuring her grandchildren have the same access to it as she did. 

Criminal justice

Fernandez has opposed the private prison system in Arizona from her seat on the Appropriations Committee. She supports efforts to reform sentencing for fair terms.

Access to voting

Fernandez supports greater access to vote. She filed a declaration in support of a plaintiffs' motion for a preliminary injunction against the impact of HB2023 in 2016. The law, which criminalizes the activities of citizens seeking to assist those in returning early ballots who otherwise may not is still being litigated in the courts. Fernandez wrote, "The collection and personal delivery of early ballots is particularly crucial among my constituency. In areas like mine that are very rural, many voters lack home mail delivery and can have trouble receiving and mailing their early ballots.”

Personal life and education

Fernandez was born in Yuma, Arizona to the late Antonio "Tony" Ramos and Carmen Ramos. She attended Yuma High School where she graduated and went on to attend Arizona Western College before transferring to Northern Arizona University earning a Bachelor of Science degree in education.

Fernandez serves or has served on the Yuma Community Foundation, Board of the United Way of Yuma County, and Yuma Leadership. She and her husband Sergio have three adult children.

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